2017-18 Wolfpack Teams

Aaron Abbott 22
Daniel Grainger 15
Drew Hines 0
Josiah Hudgins 34
Michael Hudgins 25
Zak Lowry 11
Nick Peterson 45
Gideon Skinner 13
Andy Williams 1
Austin Williams 23
Austin Abbott 21

Junior Varsity  
Sam Cardinale 4
Nate Colman 2
Ben DeMatteo 5
Luke Fredette 30
Daniel Gabriele 32
Seth Hines 31
Simeon Kornegay 3
Luke Lowry 14
Isaac Luke  35
Nathaniel Luke 24
Caleb Mcintyre 20
Aaron Rank 10
Elijah Skinner 12

Students who join the team will need good quality footwear for practices and games. The Program provides the uniforms and warmups for games during the season. When a student joins, they purchase (through the coach) a team practice jersey that they keep once they graduate. Cost is around $20. There is also a registration fee for each player, as well as a uniform rental fee. Those amounts are decided each fall, before signup in early October.

 As this is a volunteer organization, parents are expected to sign up for one of the various opportunities related to offering an excellent experience to our players. That can range from scorebook to concessions to scheduling to game brochures - lots of opportunities!

Varsity photo on home page. Sam not pictured below.

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