Homeschool Scholastic Basketball

​The Syracuse Christian Wolfpack (originally "Eagles") will be entering their 25th year of providing high school boys basketball to homeschooled students in CNY in the fall of 2018. The program was started in 1994 by Larry Lindsey to give homeschooled students the same opportunity for high school athletics as public and private school students (and to help meet physical education requirements). Since then over 150 young men have participated on our junior varsity and varsity teams. Over those years the teams have played a yearly home and away schedule of approximately 25 games against other private and homeschooled teams.  

For homeschooled students who are interested in playing at the college level, we are proud to say that seniors from the Wolfpack and other homeschooled teams in New York have gone on to play at such schools as Baptist Bible College, Davis College, Elmira College, Houghton College, Judson University, LeTourneau University, Roberts Wesleyan College, Taylor University, as well as Broome, Cayuga, Corning and Onondaga Community Colleges.

To be part of the Wolfpack takes commitment: during the season there are two to three weekly practices, games, driving (away games are normally within 1 1/2 hours of Syracuse), team fees, and other team activities. Players are expected to work diligently to develop skills and have a commitment for biblical character development. We are a competitive program (we strive to play our absolute best as a team and to win). As today's young men tend to be "soft", we continue to stress such things as physical fitness, discipline, self-control, perseverance, mental toughness, assertiveness, servanthood, and the courage to take a risk.

The rewards are well worth it: the joy of playing the game, personal growth, new or deeper friendships, camaraderie, developing skills, growing strong, playing for something outside yourself, intergenerational interaction, and the new friends that parents and sibling gain. Not to mention the shared and memorable experiences, both in winning and losing! Our players have gone on to careers, marriage, family, children and ministries, yet their basketball friendships have continued to this day.

The Wolfpack schedules practices up to two and sometimes three times a week during the season, which runs the last week in November until early March (depending on tournaments). Some practices are preempted by games. We plan on 10 preseason practices in late October/November to get ready for the season. Practices will run 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the time of the season and day of the week. We generally play about 25 for Varsity and 12-18 for Junior Varsity, half at home and half away.  We adhere to standard National Federation and NYSPHSAA basketball rules, and schedule IABBO officials to officiate our games.

Interested in team basketball? Want to play the game (not just watch it)? Want to develop new friends? To challenge yourself? Then consider joining the Wolfpack. Do you know of other homeschoolers or homeschool organizations who might be interested? Please pass this information on to them. We welcome additional players from ages 12 -18 for the coming season. Contact Peter Irvine at 315-446-8157 for information on our spring and summer scrimmages. Look forward to hearing from you!​

The History of our Program